RV Living at Riverbend RV Park Inola

https://www.facebook.com/HarpsInolaRiverbend RV Park in Inola is a quiet and simple life with easy access back to the reality of going into the city. The town of Inola is a few miles away with gas stations, Grahams Bakery Grahams Daylight Donuts , Moore Fish Farm for their once a month fish fry and Pops's & Gigis just to name a few. Inola Feed can take care of all your propane needs and if you need to pick up food for your fur babies, they have everything you would need. To keep it local you can find your groceries and deli supplies at Harps Grocery Store. We have all been known to run to Speedy's to get a soft service ice cream that is guaranteed to give you brain freeze if you eat it to fast. Inola also offers services for nails, hair, pharmacy gym. Dollar General, Kips Wine and Beer and clothing that is super cute and comfy without the high prices.

At Riverbend you can have your mail sent to the main box at 12900 E. 600 RD or go to our local post office. Inola has two banks in town that are friendly. Inola schools also picks up and drops off kids at Riverbend if you have children that need to attend school.

Over the next months Riverbend will be undergoing some major changes focused more on argi tourism.

Please click on Riverbends RV page on this website to find out more information about living here. We have pretty everyday standards for living on site if you want to have a peaceful living space. We respect our neighbors around Riverbend and so please go the speed limit when you are living here. We want you here to watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, oh and the stars at night.

Call 918.902.4623 to book and please don't forget to read the website and rules.

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