All paying guests are welcome to take photographs of Riverbend Arena and our amazing outdoor setting, using handheld still or video cameras, under the following guidelines:

  • No flash photography, please.

  • Visitors may photograph our work  and objects found around the property, unless otherwise posted.

  • Images are for personal use only and must not be reproduced for commercial purposes. Additional policies for professional and non-professional posed photography or videography can be found in the Open-Hour Photography Permit guidelines below.

  • Photography must not interfere with the enjoyment of other guests.

  • Riverbend Arena 12900 E. 600 RD LLC and its employees are not responsible for loss or damages to cameras or similar items.

  • Posed sessions are permitted on our property during open hours with the purchase of an Open-Hours Photography Permit. See Open-Hour Photography Permit for details. Indoor photo sessions are not permitted during regular operating hours

  • Dressing rooms are not available and restrooms may not be used for changes of clothes without additional fees.

To preserve the art, grounds, facility and for visitor safety:

  • Props are subject to approval.

  • Moving or rearranging furniture, artwork, fixtures or planted material is not allowed.

  • Tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, and miscellaneous camera equipment are not allowed.

  • Be considerate of other guests. Access to pathways and arena areas should not be blocked.

  • Please do not climb on the stonework, fencing, rocks, walls, fountains, trees, sculptures, the cultivated hillsides, planted embankments or into the creeks, ponds or river. 

  • Please stay on the designated areas of the property for your own safety.

  • Riverbend Arena, 12900 E. 600 RD LLC, reserves the right to limit access to areas of the property.

Student Photography

Riverbend Arena will consider all student photography and filming projects. Visitor Photography Guidelines also apply to student projects, unless otherwise arranged. In addition:

  • A written proposal should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the proposed photography or filming date. Proposals may be emailed to

  • Proposal should include at least the following details: school name, how many students will be participating, all equipment, anticipated amount of time needed, and what the project is.

  • A valid student ID is required at check-in.

Open-Hours Photography Permit

Visitors wishing to conduct posed photography sessions (portrait, prom, group, proposal, etc.) in the arena and ground during regular business hours may do so with the purchase of an Open-Hours Photography Permit.

  • Permits are available to groups of up to 10 people (includes photographers) for $50/hour. If the 1-hour timeframe is exceeded, guests may incur additional fees at check-out.

  • Permits are intended for non-professional photographers. For more information about professional photography options, please contact Riverbend Guest Experience Coordinator at 918.902.4623

  • A single tripod or monopod and a single reflecting screen are permitted in addition to a camera and camera bag. Additional equipment and changes of clothing are not permitted.

  • Permits are non-exclusive and contingent on availability. Riverbend Arena reserves the right to limit the number of photographers and limit access to certain areas of the property and grounds at any time during a session.

  • Groups of 10+ should call in advance to schedule and may be asked to schedule an After-Hours Photography Session. For more information about large group photography and for After-Hours Photography Session pricing, please contact Riverbend Arena's Guest Experience Coordinator at 918.902.4623.

  • Visitors may take photos, free of charge, at the Arena during regular business hours.

  • Last permit will be sold one hour before close.

  • All sales are final. In the event of weather, special events, property maintenance or facility repairs, Riverbend Arena reserves the right to reschedule any session at a mutually convenient time.

After-Hours Photography Session

Professional photographers wishing to conduct posed photo sessions at Riverbend Arena should obtain an annual Photography Membership or book an After-Hours Photography Session. After-Hours Sessions are also available to non-professional photographers. Full policies and guidelines are provided during the booking process.

  • After-Hours sessions are $250 for up to 2 hours of access to the property only. All fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full before the scheduled session. In the event of inclement weather or other conflicts, sessions may be rescheduled upon request.

  • In order to book a session, the client or photographer must complete the After-Hours Session Photography Agreement Form and photographers must submit proof of coverage of liability insurance with Riverbend Arena 12900 E. 600 RD LLC named. Please contact the Guest Experience Projects Coordinator at for the required documents, subject line needs to contain the word photography.

  • Sessions are limited to Morning Sessions (7am-9am, Wednesday through Sunday) and Evening Sessions (5pm-Dusk, Wednesday through Sunday and excluding Friday).

  • Sessions are non-exclusive and contingent on availability.

  • Pre-approved photography equipment, props and changes of clothes are permitted.

For more information or to book an After-Hours Session, please contact Riverbend's Guest Experience Projects Coordinator at 918.902.4623 or by email at Sessions should be booked at least two-weeks in advance.



Let us know where you will be parking.

RV lots inside the arena are $45 per day.

Do not drive on the grass for any reason.

Do not pull into the restaurant parking area for any reason while in a trailer, RV or semi.

No Wi-Fi will be available.

No children will be left unattended, and they are not allowed to enter any other parts of the building or any stables or barns without adult supervision.

The arena and its grounds will be left clean and free of liter and horse poo in the parking lot by close of the bay door each night.

No social media challenges.

Beer and alcohol is not allowed to be brought inside or through the gates of  the Riverbend Arena per Able Commission.

Please use BLUE Recycle trash cans for all clean trash ie. Cans and plastic bottles (non food). Glass is never allowed on or in our arenas or grounds. Black trash cans are for dirty trash. (food)

No spitting on concrete, arena floor, ceiling, toilets, urinals, glass, railing, seating or stalls.

No smoking of any kind inside the arena areas and do not throw your cigarettes on the property.

No cussing at or berating children or other adults.

No Fighting.

All waivers must be signed, folded and left in box with your money or sent to (Your name in subject line)


17 years of age & under always require adult supervision and must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature to be in the arena, on Riverbend grounds.

Riverbend is located in the wilderness and should be treated as such at all times.

If you open a gate, close it behind you. 

Please stop at the main gates before leaving the arena in order to yield to oncoming traffic that are our cherished neighbors of the arena.


Please be aware of people driving with head lights off from either direction when you are crossing 412 at night.

No vandalizing our property in any way shape or form. Security cameras are used on our entire campus. 

Political statements verbal or written and arguing will not be allowed.

Riverbend and its grounds are a safe place for all people.

We reserve the right to dismiss you at any time during your photo session should the need arise. We reserve the right to refuse service. 

If you keep staff on site longer than allotted time  at close you will be charged $30 an hour for that service. Time charged in one hour increments.


Gratuity is allowed. 

Note: Event activities are noted to the best of our knowledge during the time of publication.