open ride nights

Riverbend Arena, located at 12900 E. 600 RD. in Inola, offers a family fun with open ride days/nights for local riders. Open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm unless we have an event (events/closings found on Facebook), you and your family can come and enjoy riding your horses in our indoor or outdoor arena. Additional hours are at the discretion of staff attendant and a minimum of $150 per hour is required to meet the needs of staff and electric needs.


Barrels are available for you to place in the arena. We will drag the arena at the beginning of the open ride and if you find it necessary for additional drags there is a $30 fee per hour for that employee’s time and fuel. This fee is shared by all riders benefiting from the drag. (examples: 30 riders = $1 paid per rider, 6 riders = $5 per rider)


The cost for open ride day/nights is $12 per person per 3 hours for the first horse. Additional horses are $5 per 3 hours.  Children 18 and under ride for free. Payment is cash only and placed in the lock box outside the announcer’s booth door, please sign in on the white board to let us know you are in the arena and grounds. Erase your name when you leave, please.

Due to generous donations we do have scholarship time available for open rides if you cannot afford fees or full fees. Call 918.902.4623



Stall Rental by the day


  • $35 per day, 2 shaving minimum @$8 each

  • 12 x 10 stalls 

  • Services for care are extra

  • Electrical in each stall

Boutique Stables for your horses

Pricing and Provision

  • Boarding Rate - starts at $ 500.00 per month

  • 12 x 10 stalls 

  • Horse specific feeding twice a day. 

  • Fresh water, heated in winter months

  • Medicines & supplements that you supply are fed per horse's needs 

  • Compassionate, respectful care for each horse

  • Pasture turn out

  • Fly spray that is non toxic 

  • On site Personal Trainers and  Veterinarian Techs for additional fees

  • Rinse off after pasture turnout during warm weather.

Other add on- services:

  • Indoor arena riding

  • 200+acres of riding

  • Clinics

  • Training

  • Equine spa treatments

  • Dental and Farrier

  • Blanket Service 

  • Set up on call Veterinarian for your horse

Stalls are bedded with premium shavings and cleaned daily. Horses are fed and hayed twice per day, morning and afternoon with daily turnout (weather permitting). Feed supplements and vitamins fed at no additional charge when provided by owner. All of our horses are on regular veterinary and farrier schedules, with vaccinations, shoeing, etc. all coordinated by our staff for your convenience. 


Children under 18 must be accompanied by adults and have a signed waiver even though they ride for free. 


Restrooms and seating is available but we ask that you at least stomp the dirt off your boots at the boot grates before entering any concrete areas.

Do not clog the toilets or cause huge messes or open ride day/nights will be discontinued.

Front lot parking only.

RV lots inside the arena are $45 per day.

Do not drive on the grass for any reason.

Do not pull into the restaurant parking area for any reason while in a trailer, RV or semi.

The only entry will be the front bay door that will be open.

No Wi-Fi will be available.

No children will be left unattended, and they are not allowed to enter any other parts of the building or any stables or barns without adult supervision.

The arena and its grounds will be left clean and free of liter and horse poo in the parking lot by close of the bay door each night.

No social media challenges.

Upon opening of the restaurant and bar there will not be any outside food or drink allowed on property.

Beer and alcohol is not allowed to be brought inside or through the gates of  the Riverbend Arena per Able Commission.

Please use BLUE Recycle trash cans for all clean trash ie. Cans and plastic bottles (non food). Glass is never allowed on or in our arenas or grounds. Black trash cans are for dirty trash. (food)

No spitting on concrete, arena floor, ceiling, toilets, urinals, glass, railing, seating or stalls.

No smoking of any kind inside the arena areas and do not throw your cigarettes on the property.

No cussing at or berating children or other adults.

No Fighting.

All waivers must be signed, folded and left in box with your money or sent to (Your name in subject line + Waiver)


17 years of age & under always require adult supervision and must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature to be in the arena, on Riverbend grounds and while riding.

Riverbend is located in the wilderness and should be treated as such at all times.

If you open a gate, close it behind you. 

Please stop at the main gates before leaving the arena in order to yield to oncoming traffic.

Please be aware of people driving with head lights off from either direction when you are crossing 412 at night.

No vandalizing our property in any way shape or form. Security cameras are used on our entire campus. 

Political statements verbal or written and arguing will not be allowed.

Riverbend and its grounds are a safe place for all people.

We reserve the right to dismiss you at any time during your ride should the need arise. We reserve the right to refuse service. 

If you keep staff on site longer than allotted time  at close you will be charged $30 an hour for that service. Time charged in one hour increments.


Gratuity is allowed. 


Note: Event activities are noted to the best of our knowledge during the time of publication.

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